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Hello and Welcome!
In this document, the masculine gender is used in a neutral sense and refers to both female and male Minous!

Bienvenue Kiki

All you need to know about our operation, our prices and our policy.


Each minou or family has its own room (12 x 12 feet or more) on his arrival. Each can at their own pace and in his own way, venture to explore the rest of the house, participate in a variety of activities and even make new friends! No kitty is unsociable. Everything is a matter of personality, affinity and time.

No minou is allowed to go outside. This poses no problem because kitty has no territory to defend outside. And don't be afraid, he won't become bored! There are so many activities at Mont Minou! All our feline guests, from the most playful kitten to the quietest and oldest cat receive attention, affection and good care twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.


For health reasons, only the food is not included.
We provide everything else so you and Minou can travel light!

Minou is alone
$133 per week ($19 per night from 7 nights)
If less than 7 nights:
6 nights   5 nights 4 nights 3 nights 2 nights 1 night
$128 $119 $106 $90 $72 $40
The price will increase to $20 as of 1st September 2021.
Taxes non incluses. N° TPS 735832891RT0001 N° TVQ 1044197738TQ0001

Minou is accompanied?
25% reduction for each companion, as long as they share the same room.

Administration (medication or other)
$5 each time

Renting a carrying cage
$3 per day

Minou Express
We have several meeting points at fixed rates.
Outside of meeting points, the rate is $0.75 per kilometer.
A shuttle between Mont Minou and the village of Sutton is also offered for $10 on
Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, between 11:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.

Prices are subject to change without notice.

Good Agreement Policy

• Only a 50% deposit guarantees the reservation.
• This amount is nonrefundable..

Payment and balance
Balance is due upon arrival of Minou.
• No refunds for shortened stays.
• Each additional unplanned day and without notice of at least 48 hours: 40$.
• Costs incurred during the stay (veterinary fees, medicine, mileage, relocation, extension of stay, etc..) are due at Minou's departure.

Arrival and Departure
• By appointment only and according to the agreed time and days.
Arrivals (check-in) are between 3 p.m. and 5 p.m. (subject to availability).
Departures (check-out) are between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. (subject to availability).
• It is possible, at a cost of $ 15 and if this does not interfere with the proper functioning of the Inn, to accommodate you at times other than those mentioned above.
• Minou arrives in his pet carrier. If he does not have one, Mont Minou will rent it at a cost of 3$ per day of stay.
Minou is handed back only to the person who had brought him unless prior notice.

We are punctual! We ask the same of you. Thank you!

• The client provides sufficient cat food for the whole stay.
• The pet carrier remains in Minou's room during his entire stay.
No cats are allowed to go outside.

Health and medical records
• Minou was sterilized and medical records are up to date.
Vaccines (panleukopenia, rhinotracheitis, calicivirus and rabies) were administered at least 14 days before the stay.
Mont Minou highly recommends:  the vaccine against feline leukemia and treatments against parasites (worms, fleas, etc.)
Mont Minou declines any liability in case of accident or death, and shall in no event be liable for any occurrence of disease during and after the stay.
• The client accepts to include in the agreement a good stay all information concerning Minou's health or any element involving a risk for other residents.

• The client who can not be reached accepts to provide the name and address of a responsible person.
• Mont Minou agrees to take all necessary measures and to contact the client or responsible person designated in the agreement as soon as possible.
• The client authorizes Mont Minou to act in the best interest of Minou and contact the veterinarian to provide the best care.
• The client authorizes Mont Minou to obtain from (and/or check with) the veterinarian who holds Minou's medical records any information deemed necessary to ensure Minou's health during his stay. All recommendations made by the veterinarian thereby limit the liability of Mont Minou during and after the stay.
• It is the client responsibility to discuss with his veterinarian any doubt about expenses that could be incurred in case of an emergency and to establish limit costs. Mont Minou takes no decision in this regard.
• All fees and expenses that would be incurred are the responsibility of the client and are payable at the time of departure.

Mont Minou's commitment
• Mont Minou agrees to meet all needs, both physical and emotional, of the resident placed in its care. We provide everything he needs for his comfort: pan and bedding, beds, blankets, bowls, toys, treats (and more!) and give pampering, attention and affection generously and with the greatest delight!

Important information
• A cat arriving under the influence of a sedative will absolutely not be admitted to stay at Mont Minou.
• About claws: The onychectomy (declawing) is prohibited and illegal in 39 countries (See the list). It is a cruel mutilation, no matter the method used or the reason given. Mont Minou joins the fight to put an end to this practice. Cats that we had the pleasure to welcome for one or more stays as they were intact (with all their claws) will not be allowed to return to Mont Minou after having undergone such a surgery (including tendonectomy).

• Mont Minou will consider as abandoned any cat who has not been claimed seven days after the date of departure and when the client or the responsible person has not contact us or is impossible to reach or fails to pay the balance of the said 7 days. The cat will then entrusted to a refuge without any recourse. The client will be charged for all costs incurred, plus 2% per month on any unpaid balance 30 days after the end of the planned stay.