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chambre Ernest Hemmingway

Room Ernest Hemingway
Writer and winner of the Nobel Prize for literature in 1954.
His house in Key West, now a museum, continues to host more than 60 cats.


Chambre Mark Twain

Room Mark Twain
Writer, author of the Adventures of Tom Sawyer. Great lover and protector of animals,
he was the first to fight for their rights. He especially enjoyed the company of cats.


Chambre Brigitte Bardot

Room Brigitte Bardot
Actress, singer, muse and emblem of sexual freedom.
She devotes herself tirelessly and relentlessly to the defense of animals since 1973.


Chambre Isaac Newton

Room Isaac Newton
Philosopher, physicist, astronomer, mathematician, alchemist, theologist. This great scientist and
genius of all times was also a great cat lover. He is the assumed inventor of cat flap.

videvideThere is no cage at Mont Minou. Each minou or family has its own room. Yes, it's true ! A large room where he can stretch and play as he pleases and of course ... rest in peace. And as each real minou is full of curiosity, it's never too long before he wants to know what happens on the other side of the door! Each according to his personality, his pace and his own way, is free to participate in the various everyday activities of the Inn's family life, throughout the day and often even at night! Even less sociable kitties, according to their parents, always end up making new friends.

Each minou's room has a window with a view on nature, a cat tree and mats for stretching and scratching, a fountain that keeps drinking water fresh, the whole dishes for a meal and obviously a litter space. There are also comfortable beds, soft blankets, a nightlight and a pocketfull of toys.

We never hesitate to rise the temperature of the room for a minou sensitive to cold, to modify the space to meet the needs of a kitten or an older cat, adding litter pans to satisfy every member of a family or to spend extra time with a kitty of which it is important to gain confidence. All our feline guests, from the most playful kitten to the quietest and oldest cat, receive attention, affection and good care twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.